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Thursday, October 5

3:30pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Gaining Strategic Speaking Skills that Work
Do you get stressed before giving presentations? Do you fear public speaking? Would you rather do ANYTHING else than give a speech? Imagine what it would be like to gain control of this very useful skill, all while gaining the confidence, power and authority to deliver impactful business presentations. 
Public speaking helps business owners like yourself develop key inner qualities toward the improvement of building relationships with others, expressing yourself better, and expanding your tribe. 
Here, Tish demonstrates the fundamentals of public speaking and presentation skills for all BLOGALICOUS 2017 attendees and her non-intimidating approach helps audiences demonstrate their skills through hands-on practice. You’ll deliver mini-speeches, practicing the use of voice, tone, and body gestures to enhance your message, and receive immediate constructive feedback. Participants will walk away motivated and confident, with public speaking strategies that work.

1. Learn ways to build your credibility
2. Understand how to structure a speech
3. Discover how to build rapport with any audience
4. Improve overall self-confidence

avatar for Tish Norman

Tish Norman

Executive Dir., Transforming Leaders Now, Inc.
Tish Norman is the Executive Director of Transforming Leaders Now, Inc., an educational consulting company, specializing in college and career readiness and the Black experience.  With almost 20 years as a professional speaker, Tish has become a favorite among universities, associations... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Soprano Room

3:30pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] The Essential Elements of Effective Leadership
Relationship/Tribe Building

The opportunity to lead individuals, organizations, or communities is the greatest gift to receive. The gift of leadership means working toward making the world better than you received it. Whether through a tribe or by impacting a single individual.

My most significant leadership experience was leading the world's greatest while on active duty military.

Those experiences were building blocks for the opportunities I now have to assist public and private sector leaders today.

Developing their leadership skills and building healthy organizational cultures. 

I've experienced leaders exercise many ways to drive impact; both positive and adverse. That said, the best leaders share a few key character traits:

1. Believe in Service Before Self

2. Thirst for New Knowledge

3. Great Leaders are Self-aware

4. Create a Culture Conducive for Success

Working as a team on anything is a rewarding process. Collaborating affords us the opportunity to work with dynamic personalities with unique experiences and education levels.

Working as a team also increases productivity and output. Therefore, we must consider working as a unit. Not only as entrepreneurs but in our communities and homes as global citizens. All 24,901 miles of the earth.

avatar for Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson

Chief Performance Officer
Jay Jackson: ★ Military Veteran ★ Mindset Expert ★ Master Strategist ★ Speaker ★ Author Jay offers more than 20 years leadership and strategic planning experience to transform your trajectory. He designs customized programs for high-performance outcomes.During his tenure... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Alto Room

3:30pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] When 2 Become 1: How to Collaborate to Expand Your Brand Beyond Your Industry

When you think of collaborating with another creative, you think of working with someone who may be in the same industry and with a similar audience. But what if you could create an incredible partnership with someone with a completely different brand? During “When 2 Become 1”, Alisha and Kimberly will teach you how collaborate to expand your brand beyond your industry. Using their personal experience with creating a successful online workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify someone as a potential partner and build relationships with people outside of your industry or normal tribe

  • Decide the type of partnership you will create together

  • Determine speaker/brand strengths to highlight and share to make sure collaboration goals are mutually beneficial

  • How to equally delegate tasks with a sample workflow

  • How to evaluate both of your brand core values so that you’re serving your audience for a bigger purpose

  • How to develop and revamp your old content so that you’re not “reinventing the wheel”

During this class, attendees will have the chance to begin brainstorming and outlining their next collaboration!

avatar for Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown

Career + Leadership Coach and Founder, Manifest Yourself
Kimberly A. Brown is an entrepreneur, speaker, and career + leadership coach. Her personal and professional development company, Manifest Yourself, LLC, Kimberly provides in-person and virtual workshops, trainings, and coaching to women looking to lead a dynamic career and life. Through... Read More →
avatar for Alisha Byrd

Alisha Byrd

Business Coach and Author
Alisha Byrd is a business coach dedicated to helping creative women live their life & create their business on purpose. She’s a self-published author, currently working on her second book, “Living Over Existing” and the creator behind several physical products created to help... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Chamber A

5:00pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] Build Your Tribe: How To Leverage Video, In-Person Interactions & Online Communities To Build A Following
Unfortunately our favorite Field of Dreams quote "If you build it, they will come" does not always hold true in the online influencer world. Launching a pretty website or writing powerful blog posts is not enough to build a following. Today, building a tribe requires a leader who is personable, approachable, engaging, consistent, and invested. In this interactive workshop, Mompreneur Tribe leader, business coach, and online influencer Anjali Varma will share her personal struggles and wins in building a following. She will provide tips and examples of how she has leveraged video, Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, and in person meetups/workshops to build an engaged, loyal tribe. And, why and how pivoting her focus to these specific strategies helped her to build a larger following in a four month time period than she had in the previous four years. 

avatar for Anjali Varma

Anjali Varma

Business Coach + Online Influencer
Anjali Varma is an online influencer and business coach for female entrepreneurs. She coaches small businesses on marketing, strategy, and branding to help them launch their new business or take their existing business to the next level. She hosts virtual mastermind groups, an online... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
Soprano Room

5:00pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] Guarding Your Heart While Building Community
Building relationships & community is much different in the online-digital world than it was before we had the internet. And as a relationship & community builder in the present day, there is more access and demand for you and your time than ever before. Building relationships and community takes a lot of intentional work, time and energy that can make a difference in the world. But all of this doesn’t come without some sacrifice and challenges. And one of those challenges, is that with the increasing access to online technology and communication, people have become more and more desensitized in human interaction, communication and engagement. Simply put, anyone can hide behind a computer screen or phone and say and do things that they wouldn't normally do if they were in the same room with that person. And community builders, whether small or large, seem to be prime targets to this type of unhealthy and painful communication. 
Thus, as a community builder, you are more susceptible to increased online criticism, rejection and judgement. And while they say, words can't hurt you or to not take it personally, however, it's terribly challenging to be subject to such public critique without some of the pain settling into the cracks of your broken heart. Yes, community building is fun, exciting and powerful, but it can be heart breaking at times too. Being a community builder in incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it comes with great risk and responsibilities that if not prepared, one can easily fall apart. I believe if we are made aware and are more prepared in how to engage in community building without it wreaking havoc on our well-being, then I believe more people can stick with it and create serious positive changes in the world. 
Therefore, during my presentation I'd like to share 5 rules to guarding your heart while building community. I plan to go far beyond a surface conversation of self-care and shaking the haters off, but to instead explore the psychology of why we need community, the sociology of community building and the physical, mental and spiritual tactics we can use to build a strong community without tearing our hearts a part in the process. We all have work to do and I want to support the community of Be Blogalicious in doing the great work they’re called to do. 

avatar for Monique Melton

Monique Melton

Author, Speaker and Coach
Monique Melton is a relationship coach for women, a speaker and author of the books EntrepreFriendships & Threads Unraveled. All of her work is central to supporting women in building & strengthening their relationships while doing the work their called to do. She is a natural big-bold... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
Alto Room

5:00pm EDT

[GENERAL CONFERENCE] The Power of Master Minding: Building Relationships, Business and a Sisterhood
Napoleon Hill describes a mastermind group as “A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.” Creating a powerful mastermind group with women supporting women in their goals in dreams, and holding them accountable for what they say they want for their lives is what we will teach in our panel discussion. Masterminding is one of the most powerful tools any entrepreneur or dream chaser can use to launch and grow their vision. Masterminding allows you to build powerful and accountable relationships, creates a space of tangible advice and ideas, the ability to help someone else expand their vision while also expanding your own, and is a space to be pushed to dream and think bigger. Over the last year our group has participated in a mastermind that expanded from two individuals working full time to now four full time entrepreneurs growing in their businesses and influences. In our panel session we will address the what is needed to build a successful, meaningful, and thriving mastermind group. We will discuss the power of accountability and support, and we will address how to find your tribe for your mastermind group. The panel will also help attendees to build relationships in real time to spark their own mastermind groups so they are able to leave the panel with at least one accountability partner to support them in reaching their goals. 

Each panelist is a woman of power and since the inception of the “Movement Makers Mastermind”, Tatum Harrison has launched a successful podcast called Black Girl Bosses and left her full time job to be a full time business coach for emerging entrepreneurs through the The Queenin’ Group. Latisha Carr has launched a podcast focused on helping others to build their dreams and goals called Views From A Dreamer, and has left her full time job to launch her business Where Do You Dream, a coaching program helping 20-somethings to live a life they love through self-care and dream building. Tiona Blyden has focused in on her ministry as the Proverbs 30 Woman Boss helping women to be a virtuous boss in their homes and business. Mica Saunders has launched a business, Breakup 2 Shapeup helping women to heal from breakups through fitness and mindset development. This tribe was built off of genuine and authentic ability to see one another's strengths and gaps and assist one another in pushing themselves to the next level. 

avatar for Tiona Blyden

Tiona Blyden

Founder / Lifestyle Coach
Tiona K. Blyden is a wife, mom of four, author and entrepreneur who believes that women were born to do more than take care of their husband’s and have children. GOD left the blueprint for a prosperous and fruitful woman in Proverbs 31. Through her programs and teachings she shows... Read More →
avatar for Latisha Carr

Latisha Carr

Life Coach
Latisha Carr is a Life Coach and founder of Where Do You Dream, LLC a life coaching company for millennials and dream chasers.  Latisha works with millennials to Dream Outside of Fear and build a life they love. Latisha created “The State of Our 20s: Schoolin’ Life Edition... Read More →
avatar for Tatum Harrison

Tatum Harrison

Tatum Harrison (also known as Tatum Temia) is an entrepreneur, mentor, host, and speaker. At 23 years old Tatum turned her history of low self-esteem and troublesome behavior into a business centered around being for others, who she needed in those critical moments in her life. At... Read More →
avatar for Mica Siedah Saunders

Mica Siedah Saunders

Body Chemist
Mica Saunders is a well known Body Chemist. She is the owner of Breakup2Shapeup. Breakup2Shapeup is a system that helps women heal from a breakup or divorce using Personal Development and Fitness.In November 2015, Mica was awakened by what she thought was the most devastating news... Read More →

Thursday October 5, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
Chamber A
Friday, October 6

11:00am EDT

#TribeGoals: Five (+ One) Critical Relationships You NEED To Advance Your Career and Empower Your Life
Building a tribe takes careful consideration. You need to ensure that the people you're allowing into your "space" can actually propel you towards personal empowerment and professional success. The problem - too many of us rally like-minded individuals, cheerleaders and fans to join our tribe. Doing so cripples our ability for self-awareness and professional advancement. You NEED a diversity of perspective that allows your visions and dreams to take shape. That includes: someone with credibility, someone who can call you on your sh*t (in love), someone who can see what you can't, and someone who will help you brilliantly color outside the lines and push you beyond even your own expectation of self. You need someone "smarter" than you. You need a tribe that isn't interested in making you FEEL like you can succeed, but has the tools, knowledge and perspective that will guarantee it.

After 37 years of life, 20+ years w/ the same two girlfriends, 12+ years in corporate (which has included PLENTY of falls due to lack of having the right tribe), 10 years of marriage and two kids, what I know to be true is that there are five (plus one) critical relationships that ensure a strong tribe:

1) The Advocate
2) The Vet
3) The Nurturer
4) The Hater
5) The Achiever
And the plus one: The white man

This session = the ultimate, real talk in #squadgoals. You want that dream or vision in your life to come to fruition? Well, I've got a word (and possibly even a read - in love) for you.

avatar for Dwayna Haley

Dwayna Haley

Vice President, Porter Novelli
By day, Dwayna Haley “Causes Good Trouble” as Vice President at Porter Novelli leading efforts within the corporate and consumer brand practice. For over 10 years, Dwayna has led public relations and marketing strategy for Fortune 500 brands including Carter’s / OshKosh, Bayer... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

11:00am EDT

Boss Up and Live Healthy: Your Tribe is Counting On You!
In this masterclass or tribe gathering I will teach the tribe of attendees how to be the BOSS of their bodies while being the boss of their business. Creatives and entrepreneurs often cut corners in their health and lifestyle to get more done in their jam packed day. This interactive session will provide attendees with actionable tips on how to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy career/business so that they can be in great health and serve their tribe at the high level that they deserve. The session will be broken into 3 components: 
• an interactive didactic presentation 
• a fun hands on experiential small group activity to reinforce the information presented 
• a question and answer period 

avatar for Dr. Jamie Hardy

Dr. Jamie Hardy

The Lifestyle Pharmacist
Dr. Jamie J. Hardy PharmD, BCPS, MS (Dr. Jamie) –is an experienced and well respected board-certified pharmacist, who is also known as “The Lifestyle Pharmacist”. As a highly sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and health correspondent she helps young women who are busy... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Alto Room

11:00am EDT

It's All About the Pitch

It's All About The Pitch is a workshop designed to teach content creators how to pitch themselves to media and companies for sponsored opportunities, media placement and more. Expect to leave with a better understanding of how to format your emails, the proper way to approach companies as well as tips and tricks for getting your pitch taken from inbox to reality! 

avatar for Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason is an entrepreneur mastering the art of online influence. She started a fashion blog in 2014 that was rebranded and repurposed into a new site, www.ShesCandid.com. With this blog she is currently reaching thousands of monthly readers and producing helpful content/products for blogpreneurs. More recently Victoria has expanded her reach by doing speaking engagements for brands such as FIU's Collegiate 100, Black Tech Week and Philadelphia's Bla... Read More →
avatar for Patrice Tartt

Patrice Tartt

The Dream Big Writing Coach® | Writing & Pitching Expert | National Freelance Writer
Patrice Tartt is a speaker, bestselling author, freelancer writer, entrepreneur, media correspondent, and the CEO of Patrice Tartt LLC. She is The Dream Big Writing Coach® and coaches women who are new, aspiring, and seasoned entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and bloggers through... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Picasso Room

11:00am EDT

KNOW YOUR WORTH: Negotiation

KNOW YOUR WORTH: Negotiation

Leave participants 100% prepared and confident in their ability to negotiate their next salary offer. Review how to calculate your true market value using available data online and good old-fashioned networking. Cover how to identify your strengths and communicate them using strategic framing that highlights your value. Practice how to frame your asks and prioritize them with a focused, tiered strategy and delivered with assertive communication/ Review common pitfalls to avoid and how to recover a conversation gone awry.

avatar for Emilie Aries

Emilie Aries

Founder, Bossed Up
Emilie Aries is a nationally recognized speaker and the Founder and CEO of Bossed Up, an innovative personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers.Aries is a regular contributor at Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Levo League and recently... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT
Soprano Room

2:30pm EDT

Manage Your Brand: Lessons in Marketing, PR, and Brand Engagement
When it comes to working relationships with promoinent brands, come learn from the best in the business on just what that entails. 

avatar for Jade Merritt

Jade Merritt

EIC Charm City Pretty
Jade Nicole is a public speaker, influencer and philanthropist. She is the content creator and editor in chief of the lifestyle brand & blog, Charm City Pretty, which  highlights the positive happenings in her hometown of Baltimore  while also seeking to create a movement of confident & fearless women who seek to inspire change , grow businesses  and build community within the city.     In addition to building an online community o... Read More →

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Looking forward to sharing a Coke with you at the Blogalicious 9 Conference in Miami!  Please be sure to come and enjoy a variety of delicious Coca-Cola beverages as we kick off the FABULOUS impactful weekend and at the poolside Welcome Reception.  Can’t wait to see you there... Read More →
avatar for Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's
Cheers! Your friends at Jack Daniel’s are returning to Blogalicious. Attendees are welcome to join us in the #FriendsofJack hospitality suite for cocktail demos, tastings, cool swag and more throughout the weekend. On Friday, October 6, Jack Daniel’s will host an exclusive offsite... Read More →
avatar for Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo
To help more small businesses achieve financial success, Wells Fargo introduced Wells Fargo Works for Small Business®  – a broad initiative to deliver resources, guidance and services for business owners. For more information about Wells Fargo Works for Small Business, v... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Picasso Room

2:30pm EDT

Blogger to Author: Writing From an Authentic Place, That's the Only Thing That Will Sell

In this workshop, you'll learn from a critically-acclaimed author on how to best write your own story, including fool-proof writing tips, how to create a writing schedule you won't get sick off and the ins and outs of the editing process. You'll also hear from an expert that's gotten authors on the New York Times bestseller list on how to market your book and monetize your book by finding the audiences who really want to learn from you.


avatar for Joi-Marie McKenzie

Joi-Marie McKenzie

Entertainment Writer, ABC News/Author
Joi-Marie McKenzie is an entertainment and lifestyle writer for ABC News. She is also the author of The Engagement Game: Why I Said ‘I Don’t’ to Marriage and ‘I Do’ to Me, out March 21, 2017. Previously, McKenzie has contributed to ABC Radio, NBC New York and NBC Washington. McKenzie... Read More →
avatar for Mocha Ochoa

Mocha Ochoa

Chief Strategist & Author
Mocha Ochoa-Nana is the Founder and CEO of The Oracle Group International, Washington D.C., an internationally recognized public relations firm that specializes in connecting clients with opportunities that engage, uplift and empower local, national and global communities. She is... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Alto Room

2:30pm EDT

Bonding with Your Competition
There's a tribe people often neglect. That's your competition. Now, it's easy to view competition as a threat - but look more closely. Among your competition may be a tribe of #GirlBosses facing the same struggles and challenges as you, building similar processes and striving for like-minded goals. Can you build a "co-opetive tribe?" Girlbosses, and network owners Danica Kombol, Barbara Jones, Ana Flores, Stacey Ferguson and Jyl Johnson Pattee did just that. They came together, in a safe environment and shared their business challenges. In this dynamic panel session - we'll discuss the value of seeking out your coopetition. Who do you let into the club? How do you create safeguards for sharing? What's the value of sharing best practices? How do you avoid becoming a negative nelly complaining club? At the very least, the Blogalicious community will be intrigued by how this powerhouse group came together. 

avatar for Sandie Chen

Sandie Chen

OG Blogger
Sandie Angulo Chen is a senior critic for Common Sense Media (commonsensemedia.org), where she reviews films and books for parents and children. Her reviews, features, and columns have appeared in dozens of outlets including The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Variety... Read More →

avatar for Stacey Ferguson

Stacey Ferguson

Chief Curator, Blogalicious
Featured in The Washington Post, EBONY, Black Enterprise, Southern Living, and on NPR, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Mashable, FOX, The Root, and more, Stacey is a sought-after influencer coach, media personality, digital brand strategist, content creator, public speaker, and Chief... Read More →
avatar for Ana Flores

Ana Flores

Founder + CEO, We All Grow
Ana Flores is founder and CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina Network, the first and largest network of digital Latina influencers in the country. Ana has been recognized by the prestigious Holmes Report among their 2015 Innovator 25 and was named as one of People en Español’s “Las 25 Mujeres Más Poderosas” of 2017... Read More →
avatar for Jyl Johnson-Pattee

Jyl Johnson-Pattee

Founder and CEO, Family Forward
Jyl is the CEO and founder of Mom It Forward Media, a boutique digital agency and influencer network (2008-present). A pioneer in the influencer marketing industry, Jyl consults with brands and agencies, helping them develop and successfully execute influencer marketing strategies and campaigns.Since entering the social media spa... Read More →
avatar for Danica Kombol

Danica Kombol

CEO, Everywhere Agency
Danica Kombol is the CEO of the Everywhere Agency, a leading social media & content marketing firm that works with Fortune 500 companies crafting and executing successful campaigns. She founded the blogger network, Everywhere Society to power the agency’s many award-winning influencer... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Soprano Room

2:30pm EDT

Creating a Community When You're Introverted and Awkward AF
Listen, the world is LOUD. Everyone is forever showing off a selfie or talking about their avocado toast on Instagram Stories. While this is easy and almost mindless for some people, it can be so challenging for the awkwad folx of the world. How TF are you supposed to navigate this LOUD world? You want to show off your greatness. You want people to see how fantastic your blog posts are. You want people to be as excited about your brand as you are, but how can you do that authentically and comfortably? How do you create a tribe of people (that ain't just ya momma and 'nem) who support you and what you're doing? My session will nativate this. We'll cover how to be big in small spaces, how vulnerability is the name of the game and how to be a rockstar even if you're shy, quiet and awkward. #AwkwardPeopleUnite

avatar for Brittany Minor

Brittany Minor

Blogger & Community Manager, Clumps of Mascara
Brittany Minor is the blogger and videographer behind the 10-year old blog Clumps of Mascara. While initially focusing on beauty, Brittany has used her brand to tackle the areas of imperfect living, parenting and travel. With a passion for discussing the messes of life, she has successfully... Read More →

Friday October 6, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Sunday, October 8

9:30am EDT

From Blogger to Media Consultant
Do you take great photos? Write good recipes? Give good parenting tips? What abouttelling a great story or how to network online? These skills are a treasure when it comes tobeing a media consultant, the likes of which food, parenting, and lifestyle brands aredesperate to tap into. Your blog savvy is your strength. Learn how to transform your skillsas a blogger into a rich business beyond the world of sponsored posts and affiliatemarketing. Brands need digital insight from bloggers like you. This session will help youidentify your core media skills, what to pitch, and how to ask for what you are worth.

avatar for Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons

Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons

Owner/ Chief Creative
Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons is a lover of all-things-food. She is both serious and hilarious - sometimes at the same time. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and training as a pastry chef, Kristin is known for her down-to-earth teaching style and passion for storytelling.Kristin... Read More →

Sunday October 8, 2017 9:30am - 10:30am EDT
Soprano Room

9:30am EDT

Passion to Profession, Things to Consider
The passion of the Blogalicious is amazing! As each of us move from elements of personal passion which led us on our journey to being a small business, we need to consider the tools that will help us become our most successful selves. Among the key topics the panel will discuss is handling tough conversations and managing potential issues, protecting yourself in a litigious environment and some of the financial skills and decisions that need to be made. We will talk through the some of the business skills you will want to develop and watchouts as your influence grows. 

avatar for Sara Hawkins

Sara Hawkins

Attorney At Law
Sara F. Hawkins is a private practice attorney with nearly 20 years experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, marketing, and advertising agencies, as well as major corporations. She counsels clients on legal matters in marketing and advertising; international promotions; social... Read More →
avatar for Amiyrah Martin

Amiyrah Martin

Content Creator
Amiyrah is an online content creator and video personality. She's been the owner and sole writer on 4 Hats and Frugal, her website, since 2008. As an award-winning live streamer, Amiyrah has been at the forefront of this new form of content creation, consulting with fellow influencers... Read More →
avatar for Janice Person

Janice Person

Engagement Director
Janice Person, aka JPlovesCOTTON, has always been a communicator at heart. Her passion was first evident when she wrote summer camp friends even months after paths crossed, she built on that passion with years of study resulting in a master’s degree from the University of Memphis... Read More →

Sunday October 8, 2017 9:30am - 10:30am EDT

9:30am EDT

The Ultimate Guide to Using Video to Grow Your Brand, Blog or Business
Did you know that video can quadruple Instagram followers, skyrocket blog traffic and that video Facebook ads can convert sales more than 8x better than their photo counterpart? Dollar for dollar, video is the absolutely most effective form of marketing, so it's a hugely missed opportunity if it's not a part of your current marketing plan. 
Creating videos can be a fun, creative and rewarding process but at the start, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. You need to get organized, shoot efficiently, and have a highly efficient process in place. In this workshop, we’ll go through those steps, taking the fear out of video and will show you how to create awesome video from beginning to end!

We'll cover all of the essentials: how to lay the most effective strategy for YOUR brand, plan your shoots, decide what equipment you actually need, shoot your content,edit your videos quickly and efficiently, and more! 

avatar for Andrea Corson

Andrea Corson

Video Expert + Digital Strategist
Andrea Corson is an Emmy-nominated television producer, digital strategist and consultant who has created awesome video for a wide range of clients including Google, CoverGirl, DSW, Carnival Cruise Line, & Nordstrom Rack, among many others. In 2014 she began the fashion & travel blog... Read More →

Sunday October 8, 2017 9:30am - 10:30am EDT
Alto Room

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